Volunteer Profiles

Our volunteers come from all walks of life to include backgrounds in education, law, social services, military, government, business, finance, non-profit and law enforcement.

Three volunteer profiles on display show the diversity of those who've joined our ranks these past 18 years.

  • First, C.Y. came to mediation via a background in ministry and the electrical contracting industry. Now with more than 17 years of community service and mediation under his belt, he's not only in our organization's Hall of Fame, but serves as an active mentor to Board Members and staff alike.
  • Next, C.L. came to mediation via a background in the banking industry. Now, with more than a decade of mediation experience, she's a critical member of our Board of Directors and often assists staff in a variety of financial and accounting practices.
  • And finally, K.S. has most recently come to mediation via a background in the real estate industry. She now is progressing through the required observation of cases required to mediate on her own in what we're confident will be a very short time.

Our Partners