The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred. 
- George Bernard Shaw

Mediation is a conflict resolution process that helps parties reach personalized, satisfying, and sustainable solutions to their concerns.  This is done in a collaborative way with the assistance of a highly trained, neutral third party who will guide the conversation in a way that can produce the results that have alluded you up to this point. 

We tailor our mediation services based on the unique needs of our clients. Regardless of the type of mediation provided, we're here to help when conflict or disagreements arise through improved communications, mutual understanding, solutions development, and creative problem solving. 

Mediation Services include:

  • Family Court divorce, legal separation, parenting plans and custody.
  • Other Family guardianship, estate planning, probate, multi-generational misunderstandings.
  • Neighborhood  or Community
  • Business HR, customer service
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Small Claims
  • Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program
  • Restorative Justice
  • County and City Government Agencies - leverage mediation to help communities resolve complex code, land, or zoning disputes with individual citizens or representative community groups.

For more on how to request mediation as a viable alternative to helping resolve conflict, contact our Community Solutions staff here.