Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  - Benjamin Franklin.

Community Solutions has offered and continues to develop an ever growing number of education programs to the many diverse communities of Central Oregon. Each of our education programs are designed to inform and inspire a wide-range of people about how to become proactive forces for change in resolving differences before conflict takes hold. Education programs we continue to provide and develop include:

  • Presentations to inform the General Public about the basics we employ to resolve modern day disagreements.
  • 'Peacemakers' instruction to teach Schools exciting new ways to involve students and emphasize the role of personal responsibility in resolving conflicts.
  • Workshops to Businesses that provide proven methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution for use in contractual disputes or customer services.
  • Orientations to Government offices, agencies, and court authorities to inform them of the services and methods used by our organization.
  • Discussions with nonprofit organizations on leveraging Alternative Dispute Resolution best practices to resolve wide-ranging stakeholder concerns.

Key players within Central Oregon academic communities we're enthusiastic to engage and partner with include local area schools, school districts, civic groups, and community and state college audiences.

For more on how to plan for and tailor our education programs to your individual organization's needs, contact our Community Solutions staff at, or call our offices at (541) 383-0187. 

If you are interested in getting involved in any or all of our programs as a volunteer, please contact the Executive Director at, or call direct at (541) 318-6265 to learn more about becoming part of our educational team.

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