Best Practices

Community Solutions has an established, professional volunteer program in place that continues to evolve and improve as individual and community needs change region-wide.

Our staff and more than 35 trained volunteers help facilitate and mediate all types of cases throughout  Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties. Some, but not all, cases may involve issues and disputes around divorced or separated parents, child visitation needs, home foreclosure avoidance, small claims, the workplace, between landlords and tenants, at mobile home parks, within homeowner associations, between neighbors, and with conservator and guardianship matters.

To handle such a wide variety of case types and situations, Community Solutions showcases three best practices that are time-tested and proven successful. After all, a well trained and developed mediator is the best alternative for two parties needing to resolve a dispute. In short, we Observe, Evaluate, and Mentor. We require new mediators to 'Observe' three real cases handled by a more seasoned mediator. Next, we require the soon-to-be active mediator to be evaluated at least twice during a case they lead mediation efforts on, all under the watchful eye of a seasoned mediator. Finally, we strive to pair active mediators with our most seasoned mediation practitioners who serve as a mentor. These mentors, in turn also serve to assist our staff with program and case management, as well as serving to mentor high school or college interns.

Our Partners