Community Solutions of Central Oregon

Community Solutions of Central Oregon was founded in 1998 as a private non-profit organization focused on productive communication and sustainable resolution of conflict for Deschutes, Jefferson, and Clark Counties. 

The need for dispute resolution throughout Central Oregon has never been greater. With ever increasing growth in our region and continued uncertainty surrounding the ongoing health crisis, increased numbers of community, business, housing, and family disputes surface daily.

Mission - Helping people have difficult conversations.

Our Mission statement serves as a compass, knowing that, in helping people confront challenges, we most likely will always start by guiding them through difficult, sometimes painful conversations few want to have. However, we know that confronting conflict is the first and most important part of the mediation effort, only after which can solutions be created and agreements be reached.

Vision - Transforming communities through communication.

Our Vision statement is meant to remind us that improvements in interpersonal communications can have an expansive impact on issues and events shaping the many communities that make up Central Oregon. Our staff and mediators strive to help people articulate just what it is that, from their perspective, is contributing to disagreement and conflict.

Values - Leadership | Quality | Trust

Leadership:  We are innovators in dispute resolution for Central Oregon providing influence, information, and inspiration.

Quality:  We are committed to delivering exceptional, professional services in mediation, facilitation, and education.

Trust:  We are consistent, reliable, and accountable to our clients, partners, and communities we serve.  

Our Values serve as standards by which we conduct ourselves in all matters; developing programs, working in partnerships, making executive decisions, and interacting with those we serve.  

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Foreclosure Mediation: Program Policies, Procedures & Compliance - Part 2

"The process...saved us and helped us through...gave me time and helped keep me organized to move in the right direction." - Homeowner, Deschutes County Oregon, February 2021Even in normal times, homeowners can run into trouble making their monthly mortgage payments. When a hardship occurs, or even a worldwide pandemic throws a financial curve ball, homeownership for some becomes a struggle to survive. Fortunately, the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program (OFAP) offers help state-wide. Established by Oregon Law, with oversight from the Oregon Department of Justice (ODJ), and corporately administered by Mediation Case Manager (MCM), homeowners and lenders are given the opportunity to negotiate and commit to a wide range of foreclosure avoidance measures. Join Community Solutions Executive Director & Mediator, Gary Winterstein in a 2-part series of monthly Round Table presentations online via zoom.us, during which details about OFAP policies, procedures and compliance dynamics for mediators will be reviewed and discussed.

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