Welcome to Community Solutions of Central Oregon, where our focus is helping people have difficult conversations.

The business of dispute resolution has never been busier in Central Oregon. With ever increasing growth across the tri-county region, a wide range of community, business, and family conflicts continued during 2017.

Community Solutions - formerly Central Oregon Mediation - serves the diverse communities of Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties in Central Oregon. We help people have difficult conversations by providing a variety of comprehensive mediation, facilitation, and education programs focused on improving communications needed during life's more difficult moments. As a long-standing community dispute resolution center (CDRC), our staff and more than 30 volunteer mediators are highly qualified and capable people who continue to offer standard-setting programs and customer service.

Our organization continues to evolve following its first 20 years as a CDRC. We continue to expand our facilitation and education services through a combination of new and improved programs designed to reach a broad range of audiences, while addressing an ever growing number of issues and circumstances. During 2017, three statistics serve to highlight the impact of our work. Our pre-trial mediation program in support of Deschutes County Justice Court achieved a 70% success rate. That means that more than 150 people resolved their disputes out of court with the help of our neutral, third party mediators. Also, our home foreclosure avoidance program - in partnership with local at-risk homeowners and a Nationwide network of mortgage lenders - produced 30+ agreements. That means that several families remained in their homes and that $10,000,000 in home values were saved as a result of our trained facilitators' efforts. And let's not forget the many families in need of divorce or separation assistance, especially when children are involved. Our co-mediators (one man, one woman working together as a team) reached an incredible 90% agreement success rate last year. That means that most family disputes, once filed in Circuit Court, were done so either non-contested or jointly through co-petition. Together, our work during 2017 sets a high standard for this and subsequent years. As life always involves some form of conflict, we're sure to remain as busy as ever. 

Stay tuned to our emerging Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn efforts, as well as our news announcements and upcoming events via the website. Combined with revolutionary ways of thinking through and resolving conflict, it is our hope that you will not only tune in but join an ever growing number of volunteers, Board members, and community advocates that make Community Solutions the premier dispute resolution resource in Central Oregon.

Helping people have difficult conversations, 

Gary Winterstein
Executive Director

Autumn Mediators Quarterly - Oktoberfest!

We'll be hosting our Autumn Mediators Quarterly (MQ) event on Friday, October 19th from 5:00 - 6:30 pm at the Deschutes Children's Foundation (DCF) Rosie Bareis community campus located at 1010 NW 14th Street in Bend. These year's Oktoberfest theme will include a BBQ menu of bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels, fresh greens, traditional German desserts, and of course some hearty hefeweizen and other refreshments.

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